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Richard Millang / Guitars, Vocals

David Mac Wha / Drums

Nathan Guevara / Guitars

Lisa Dewey / Vocals


Bethany Curve formed in 1994 and is from Santa Cruz, California. Murder! is Bethany Curve’s 6th release and their first since 2004. This record is arguably the purest expression of their music, bringing forward even more of Bethany Curve’s signature multi-layered guitar texture and narcotic guitar leads.


The Motto:

Atmosphere  |  Arrangement  |  Sound  |  Layering  |  Noise




Release Dates







In your cruiser

I see your smile

Takes me faster

Than you love me


Kill me now

I’m leaving once again

Find me now poison heart

Round I go losing my peaceful mind


I’ve been falling down

Time gave us away

When we lose our life

We’ll be so far apart




You're wearin' the same eyes

They caught me somehow

I'll tell you the same lies

And follow the plan

With sand in my eyelash

A gun in my hand

You knew that upon me, to...






Low beneath the sun

You and I will

Lose our minds


Where the night is warm

And the breeze goes

Hollow on


Time has killed again

With a slow hand

Falling down


So, we stay behind

You it's all for, you it's all...


Now hollow down, old glory

Round solitude, old glory


Now that my nostalgia has me bound

I can't see through anything at all

When will we find better times ahead

That's when all the fear comes over me


Sometimes when the sun's out, nothing dies

And when night comes, we might try

I want you in, lucid dreams

So the sun is with me


You're alive




You're slowing down,

Losin' moments gathering inside

All the time we’ll spend in lust at last

Given how life hurts the ones you love

Soon we'll leave this fucking...


Yeah so long

Now so long




Hold your ground when they come

Raise your hand, bring them down


So all my strength inside

Feels the knife, takes one life


Waste no time, build your life

Leave behind all their lives

Your greyed out soul will die

You’re always on my mind


Now we’ll watch our mouth

When we go there, when we’re with them

Or else we’ll die, just like the rest

Like suicide, we’ll hold our breath and count to…


Now we soon surround

Using indigo nails and brilliantine

Holy hands aground


Taking off into your welcome dreams

As we lay there

We'll wake up

Red shows on the walls

We'll wake up

Can't cut through the seams


They wave us in

They smile and say

You're welcome

You're welcome


These they fold apart, standing in the sand

We'll wake up

Leave me here till June, sometime close to four

Yeah I said we could

We'll wake up

Holy cannons came, knocked us to the ground

Yeah I said they would



When the doors open wide

And the light brings me in

Will you be standing there

With your eyes closing thin


Now it all takes my life today

Oh so I fall into, here it’s when

Round it’s gone, all inside


Now that I feel so drained

That the glow turns to strain

Like the way bitters taste

That’s the life I await




Now it’s all good and true

You are my solution

Fading first fading last

We’ll go round again

Soon before time goes by


My remains open up

Tell the truth give it up

Now we wait for her name

Loud as hell, that we are

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